Cooking boiler fixed-type / folding-type / on plataform

foto3COOKING BOILER FIXED-TYPE / FOLDING-TYPE / ON PLATFORM heated with electric resistance or 120

For cheese / ricotta cheese / milk pasteurization / yogurt. Food cooking

COOKING TANK WITH HEATING GAP Fixed-type, folding-type, lifting-type, or on platform for sanitary use and suitable for production of:
- Pasteurization of milk for cheese / yogurt
- Soft cheese and similar
- Ricotta cheese
- Yogurt

Internally made of stainless steel Aisi 304 o 316 or copper, and externally of stainless steel Aisi 304, with the possibility to be installed:
- on the floor;
- a platform or a flying bridge for cagliata cheese draining; entirely made and finished off of stainless steel.

All the welds have been performed workmanlike, wrought, rounded, polished, and are suitable for sanitary use. The cooking tank with hot water circulation gap can be provided complete of:

  • Thermal insulation on the sides or on the bottom in compliance with the guideline CE;
  • Support foot and level-regulation foot that can be adjusted through control knobs;
  • Higher rim made of brushed, satinized stainless steel;
  • Heating system through electrical resistance / hot or overheated water / steam, with various inner devices depending on the fluid type that runs in the heating gap;
  • Drainage system placed on the bottom for product or cleansing discharge;
  • Stirrer apt to cut cagliata cheese and to mix milk/whey; or scratcher mixer made of Teflon (for sauces and jams);
  • Electric panel for temperature controlling and recording.


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